5 Reasons Facebook Isn't Your Website.

Facebook isn't a Website

When I am out selling websites to people that need them and I am confronted with "I already have a website" and I am quickly ushered to a Facebook page, I cringe.
Facebook is Social Media! You need Social Media (in a big way) BUT

Here are 5 Reasons Facebook will never be Your Business Website.

  1. Facebook belongs to Facebook and never to you. If it doesn't have "insertyourbusinessnamehere".com., it's no where near being yours.

  2. Competitors are advertised on your Facebook page. Would you do that to yourself? Log out of your Facebook account and then search for your business on Google. Go directly to your business page from there and see how the rest of the world sees it. Down the right side are "People Also Like" 'links. These are your competitors! Would you put your COMPETITORS on YOUR website?

    This is what mine looks like when I am logged out.

  3. When you post something on your website for your customers, you are rewarded by Google for keeping fresh content. They re-index your site and your new blurb gets seen. Facebook only shows it to some people. If your visitors don't engage, it's not shown to more people. This is especially hurtful when you have a lot of followers.If you have the time, here's a great video that explains it.

  4. Owning and marketing your own domain name and website adds net worth to your company. Domains hold value (for hits etc) and create a professional portfolio. Investors and peers would be interested in more than just social media statistics.

  5. It just looks and works better. Your message, your products and your content is yours. You control the way it looks and how it's organized. No one has say over your layout, and your web presence is a powerful message.