Is your web browser tracking you?

Just because your paranoid...does mean they aren't out to get you! With the onslaught of new technology, that really does track us, this saying can't be more relevant than right now! This very minute!

I am not a subscriber to the ever-changing conspiracies of how the government is after us, or how corporations manipulate us, so when I tell you this scary story,you can rest assured I figure it gospel.

As a web programmer, site promoter, and general internet marketer I have to follow everything going on in the world today and one of those things is how we collect personal information to market to our users and customers.

In the old days of the foot solider salesman, we took notes and returned calls to get the attention of the new car, purse, house and whatnot, front and center of our acquired customers. This is called customer retention, and works much better than cold calling on a stranger.
Now the scary part. Technology has always looked for ways to retain the customer. It started with forums and email lists that directly asked you whether or not you would like certain things and these tactics worked (as long as you knew what the customer had bought before). But what about customers that are "thinking" about buying, or the customers that buy at certain times of the day? How could we possibly get that done?

Today's major players have an option like no other time in history. They can almost reach in your head and grab your thoughts right out of there with the new data sharing matrix applications. You see, they purchase data from many sources in which you have shared some little things about yourself, couple them with say a purchase you have made from them or someone like them, and then the ads track you down.
But it doesn't stop there! Oh no, let's say you bought a coat at your favorite store and in the process signed up for their own personalized deals. Now you went back today and looked at another coat but didn't buy. The company will search out their networks and deliver ads to you on that coat wherever you go (using cookies) but WAIT. THERE'S MORE.
Not only will they do that, but they are beginning to know when you eat lunch, what time you are more likely to buy and if you don't make a move during that time, they will use every item in their technology bag of tricks to force your hand.

Let me be very blunt. If you keep sharing things with every app out there, there will be no privacy. Not just in the future, but right now. Maybe that doesn't matter to you, and that's okay. It's your life, who shouldn't know about your sex life, your bathroom habits, how broke you were when you wrote that check or maybe your other little secrets? They’re your secrets. Go ahead...

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