About Us

Fern Wood Computer Services aka The Site Lady provides Website Design, Website Development, IT Consulting, Internet Promotion and Computer Services to the Marietta, OH, and Parkersburg, WV area.
We have been doing business here since 2000. Operating under movmall.com, Settle Visual Productions, and Fern Wood Computer Services.

We do business as the following:

1. Fern Wood Computer Services does not engage in written contracts but rather “handshake” promises. I feel that this is an honest and upfront way of doing business with other businesses. All I ask of you is the following. If you have decided to cancel a service, that is usually billed on a 30 day interval, please let me know at least 14 days in advance.

2. I, as a business owner, feel I am in touch with what the customer needs to really make it in today's climate. I work hard for my customers, because the only way I make money is when they make money. Customers are #1.

3. Websites are generally finished in 30 days, but with several custom elements, may take longer. At which time the customer can submit any changes needed for completion of project.

4. Fern Wood Computer Services will always treat a project as satisfaction guaranteed. The customer will be asked at the end of a project, if the customer is satisfied with the product. If the customer is satisfied (look, feel, functionality) with the product, and expresses such, it will be known between both parties that the project has been delivered as promised. If customer is unsatisfied with a product, that customer has right to make changes or cancel. Canceling a website contract takes a min of 30 days because of resources that may have been undertaken and paid for on a customer's behalf. If the customer has already agreed that they accept the work, no refunds will be given at a later date, but I will be happy to work with someone that needs changes.

5. Domain names belong to the customer, as long as these conditions exist.
A: Customer is paying for domain through Fern Wood Computer Services.or
B: Customer pays for their own domain through a registrar.
I DO NOT want your domain name. If you decide you do not want my services, please make arrangements to park it with a registrar, or otherwise. If you fail to pay for the domain name after I have paid for it, it will become my property until you pay. After 6 months, I will no longer give you the option of purchasing the domain from me, and at my sole discretion, I will either decide to let it expire at renewal time (at which time you should be able to pick it up) or renew the domain for myself. Generally speaking, domains are suited for the business they were bought for, and therefore I would not keep a domain name. In all instances, communication is key. Again, I DO NOT want your domain name.

6. Copyright: In general, all designs of Fern Wood Computer Services belong to me. However, we are in the business of using CMS (Content Management Systems) that are called “Open Source”. This means free for anyone to own and maintain. Therefore you need no special permission to move the actual programming, and likely no permission on other things. You will be told which system you are on before we start the project.

Disclaimer: The terms and condition listed above is for informational purposes only and not intended for any contractual agreement. Fern Wood Computer Services can and will modify these statements for future website continuity.