Is my site hosted on your personal server?

Fern Wood Computer Services AKA The Site Lady hosts websites in the Parkersburg, WV, Marietta,OH and Belpre, OH area.

If you are my customer, one of the questions you want answered is what would happen to your site if I wasn't available to support it. That is a legitimate concern and I try to stay on top of all of these situations for my clients.

The answer to the question is; no, I do not host your site on my own server. I have hosting space on Hostgator. This is where your site is housed. Most of my clients are not advanced enough on server management to use CPANEL. With that in mind, I usually manage these sites for my clients, but the passwords for the back end management are available.

I host your accounts on Hostgator, but feel free to setup your own Hostgator account in advance if you are more interested in doing it this way.

The Site Lady